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Headaches & Migraines

Pain Management and Corrective Treatments for Headaches and Migraines from Tucson Chiropractor

Headaches and migraines can be the result of an underlying issue that may only get worse without treatment. We here at Carrion Chiropractic Clinic offer a number of treatments for the headache and migraine agony that not only help alleviate the pain but aim to correct the issue causing the pain. Our Tucson chiropractor Dr. Craig Carrion and fellow chiropractor Dr. James Lieurance can design an individualized pain management program that may consist of one or several chiropractic techniques coupled with supplemental treatments to help you heal and find relief. We strive to provide plans that meet individual needs to help each patient obtain overall wellness.

Headaches Chiropractor Tucson

Causes of Headache and Migraine Pain Include Personal Injury, Car Accident Injury, Whiplash

Injuries are a common cause of headaches and migraines, whether it is a personal injury, sports injury, or car accident injury such as whiplash. Although the injury may have affected your back, neck, or other area, the pain can surface in your head due to a constricted nerve or damaged tissue. Musculoskeletal and spinal issues that can also lead to headache and migraine pain include chronic poor posture, fibromyalgia, misaligned vertebrae and an inflamed or irritated nerve.

Our first goal in our pain management programs is discerning the cause behind the headache or migraine pain. Our Tucson chiropractor begins treatment with an examination and evaluation to gauge the state of your spine. Spinal adjustments are effective for realigning the vertebrae and restoring full functioning, while they also relieve pressure off surrounding nerves that may be affected. Drs. Carrion and Lieurance have extensive experience and knowledge of advanced treatment methods including the Palmer, Thompson, Activator, and Diversified/Gonstead techniques. Headaches and migraines often stem from a misalignment in the cervical vertebrae or those located where the cervical and thoracic spine adjoin.

Once we are assured your spine is in proper alignment, we may suggest exercises or lifestyle changes as part of a pain management plan that leads to overall wellness. Strengthening and flexibility exercises are particularly vital for injury recovery, as they help restore full mobility to and prevent future injuries from recurring in damaged area. Lifestyle advice may include changes in habits or diets to help you avoid or more effectively cope with headache and migraine triggers. Triggers can include emotional duress, stress, or specific foods. Something as simple as changes in your daily sleeping or eating habits may make a profound difference. A headache diary can be helpful for keeping track of potential triggers that lead to pain so we can most effectively advise on methods to overcome or deal with them.

Even if you no longer suffer from headache or migraine pain, our wellness programs can help you maintain optimum health and an active lifestyle. Our Tucson chiropractor offer wellness plans that are tailored to your specific needs and can help your reach your personal health goals.