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Welcome to Our Tucson Chiropractor's Blog!

Tucson chiropractor helps aid in alleviating back pain.jpgAfter over 15 years of providing quality chiropractic services to the Tucson community, our Tucson chiropractor, Dr. Craig Carrion, has decided to start this blog. He knows from experience that many patients want to know more about the causes and remedies of back pain and other ailments, as well as general lifestyle tips to enhance their overall health and wellbeing. That's why this blog will offer patients and other interested readers the latest news and developments in the field of chiropractic care, tips and advice on how to deal with injuries and health conditions, and other important information about our clinic and the services we offer. In addition, if you have any questions or comments, you can post them here for our chiropractor.

From Wellness Advice to Whiplash Treatment

Many of our patients come to us with acute complaints, such as neck pain due to a car accident injury or pain in the hip after a fall. However, in addition to treatment for acute injuries, we also offer treatment for conditions such as chronic back pain, headache or migraine, numbness in the limbs or extremities, and even allergies and fibromyalgia. During your first visit, you will discuss your complaints with the doctor, who will then examine you thoroughly to determine exactly where the problem areas are. In some cases, X-rays will be taken, especially if you have been involved in a car accident.

Once the doctor has pinpointed the injury or injuries, he will prescribe a course of treatment that will usually include adjustments, corrective exercises, and, if necessary, pain management. This may include massage therapy, such as relaxation massage, deep tissue massage or Shiatsu, as well as heat therapy or other forms of bodywork. We also offer wellness advice, such as lifestyle advice, dietary tips and nutritional information, to help our patients regain balance in their body. With the help of our experienced and qualified team, you can "Keep Calm and Carrion!"

Have you ever experienced neck pain or headaches after being involved in a car accident? If so, what course of treatment did you follow? Was it effective?